Ticket AI for Agent Assist

Ticket intelligence that auto-resolves service requests for greater employee and customer satisfaction and improved agent productivity

AI Agent Assist

Aisera’s Ticket AI brings intelligent automation to classify and route high volumes of tickets and cases, improve resolution times, and employee and customer satisfaction. Ticket AI empowers agents by recommending similar tickets and cases, knowledge articles, and next-best actions.

By supporting service desk teams through historical ticket and cases analysis and auto-classification, Ticket AI reduces MTTR, bounce rates, and misclassification.

  • Auto-resolve support requests across channels
  • Automatically assign and route tickets and cases to the right agents
  • Recommend next-best-actions for ticket and case resolution
  • Automate knowledge resolution and ticket/case resolution notes
  • Agent coaching with AI-driven recommendations

Ticket AI Solutions for Leading Platforms

Featured Capabilities of Our AI Agent Assist Solution

Aisera’s Ticket AI automates repetitive and time-consuming processes of creating, classifying, routing, and resolving tickets and cases for agents. Ticket AI’s intelligence and agent-assist gives IT, HR, and Customer Service teams 24×7 AI-powered guidance to quickly resolve issues and decrease mean-time-to-resolve (MTTR). Ticket AI integrates with existing ticketing and case management systems to fully automate problem resolution.

Auto-Resolve Support Requests

Automatically resolve support requests with the correct resolution derived from knowledge articles, macros/templates, historical tickets or cases, with a high confidence level for predictions.

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Auto-Classify Tickets

Auto-triage tickets and cases by classifying, routing, and assigning them to the right service agent or teams thereby dramatically improving productivity.



Real-time intelligent guidance that suggests knowledge articles provides insights on similar tickets or cases, resolution notes, and offers next-best actions to help agents quickly resolve issues assigned to them.

Servicenow Ticket AI

Reinforcement Learning

Continuous AI learning that learns from past resolved tickets and cases provided by trusted agents to automatically close knowledge gaps and improve prediction accuracy for future requests.

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Performance Analytics and Audit

Analyze the performance of ticket and case prediction accuracy and identify areas of improvement for agent coaching with out-of-the-box KPI’s and reports.

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