Conversational AI Assist for Customer Experience

Enhance the agent experience with AI-powered assistance

Provide Assistance in Real-Time for Agents

Improve the quality of live interactions with customers using Aisera’s Conversational AI Assist, a virtual assistant for customer service agents. With real-time monitoring and conversation analysis, it can identify the customer’s intent and sentiment as well as provide recommendations to the agent to speed up resolution times. Help your agents provide their best service to enhance the overall customer experience.

Conversational AI Assist for CX

Reduce Ticket Handling Time

Automate repetitive and manual tasks agents face and reduce resolution times with AI-powered support

Increase Accuracy & Resolution Speed

Ensure resolutions are fast and accurate every time with approved and consistent responses

Enhance Agent Experience

Empower your agents to deliver the best service with helpful suggestions based on context, customer intent, and sentiment

Real-time Assistance for Agents

Leverage the Aisera bot during live customer interactions to ask questions or initiate tasks, and the bot will provide recommendations for similar tickets, knowledge articles, canned responses, and automated flows

Real-time recommendations during live interaction

Sentiment and emotion analysis

Capture conversation insights in real-time such as sentiment, emotion, priority, and context to provide the most appropriate assistance and an engaging and impactful interaction

Sentiment and emotion analysis

Customizable UI Widget

Access information easily with a fully embedded and customizable UI widget within ServiceNow, Salesforce, BMC, Atlassian Jira, Salesforce Service Cloud, Zendesk Support and more

Customizable UI Widget

AI Search

Use AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to search for content across multiple knowledge sources, enabling agents to find relevant resolutions and improve quality of service

AI search

Continuous AI Learning

Improve prediction accuracy and recommendations by utilizing AI to learn from historical conversations, user activities, tickets, knowledge base articles, and agent interactions

Realtime Reinforcement AI Learning

AI Workflow Execution

Reduce resolution times by orchestrating intelligent workflows across the enterprise that automate classification, routing and subsequent resolution of tickets or cases

AI Workflow execution