AI Workflows

Automate workflows across IT, HR, Finance, Customer Service and more to drive increased self-service and productivity.

Drive Faster Resolutions with Workflow Automation

Orchestrate intelligent workflows across the enterprise and in customer service with Aisera’s AI Workflows. Reduce resolution times and increase productivity by automating frequently made requests & identifying improvement opportunities.

Create workflows in our low-code/no-code flow studio, leverage our library of pre-built workflows, or even import existing workflows from third party systems like UiPath and ServiceNow.

Boost Productivity with Hyperautomation

Improve response times and productivity by automating popular IT and HR requests such as software provisioning, password resets, user onboarding, PTO requests, 401K contribution, direct deposit enrollment and more.

Pre-Built Workflow

Decrease development time by leveraging Aisera’s library of pre-built workflows across IT, HR, Finance, Procurement, Sales, Customer Service, Operations, and more.

Reuse Workflows defined in other systems

Aisera’s workflow automation platform can import existing workflows from UiPath, Workato, and more, eliminating the need to re-create flows and decreasing development time.

Rich, Pre-Built Integrations

Aisera integrates with various channels and endpoints, including Teams, Slack, Zoom Chat, Social Media, Webchat, Email, API, and more. You can also import existing workflows from ServiceNow, UiPath, Workato, and more to reduce development time.

Low-Code/No-Code Visual Studio

With Aisera’s Low-Code/No-Code studio, you can build automations with a drag-and-drop interface and orchestrate tasks and actions across multiple applications. Users can also leverage Aisera’s pre-built workflow library for turnkey automation.

Intent/Event Driven Workflows

Aisera allows you to create flows that can be triggered through conversations or through events. You can also orchestrate workflows using event data posted from other systems

Key Insights into Workflow Analytics

Aisera provides detailed analytics that give visibility into service gaps and common user behaviors. Identify bottlenecks and pinpoint where dropoffs are occurring while auto-streamlining workflows over time with Aisera’s comprehensive insights dashboard and reports.

Workflow Library and Templates

Aisera provides our customers with a library and pre-built workflows across IT, HR, Finance, Sales, Customer Service and more to help them realize value from automation initiatives in no time.