Pure-Play AI

The concept of a pure-play company has been around for quite some time, mainly a term thrown around by investors when analyzing a companies’ foray into a market. In the traditional sense, a pure-play company is any company that specializes in one single line of business. These companies tend to have a stronger performance the better the overall performance of the industry is rather than rely on a varied portfolio and diverse product width in a number of different industries. Pure-play Artificial Intelligence is the next new buzzword for businesses to know.

pure-play ai

Pure-play Artificial Intelligence combines Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Natural Language Generation (NLG) in an unsupervised AI solution that is fully capable of autonomously observing and self-learning.

When considering how far we have come from a technological perspective, we begin to see that we are on the precipice of the next wave of digitization in many aspects of our lives. Business is no different. Aisera is proud to bring the first and only pure-play AI offering to the market. Unique to this offering is the same hallmark that lends itself to a pure-play product: it is the single, true AI for the enterprise. Aisera offers the latest evolution beyond the long-established scripted and supervised machine intelligence models, using next-generation NLU, NLP, and NLG to bring the latest industry-leading pure-play AI to the entire lineup of Aisera products.

We have previously discussed how some companies may attempt to pass off forms of supervised machine learning as Artificial Intelligence; however, products that rely on this type of “intelligence” are not the same as a pure-play AI solution. Proper pure-play AI solutions must be capable of self-learning without pre-training or maintenance by AI experts, solving challenges solely based on historical and new user interaction.

The key to bringing pure-play AI to life is the expertly crafted unsupervised NLP, NLU, and NLG capabilities ingrained in every fiber of Aisera products. Comparing how specific language abilities are typically handled in the AI paradigm, there are clear advantages to the unsupervised model, namely the speed of deployment, the ease of integration, and the technology’s responsiveness in dynamic environments. There is an abysmal waste of time and resources when implementing an older, obsolete AI solution. Typically, “AI experts” are required to pre-program intents, embeddings, and responses into the AI, increasing the time needed to set up the system, and these experts must be kept on hand to continue to train and maintain the AI. With a pure-play AI solution, there are never any experts required to keep the system fully functional, let alone program new intents and responses for the AI to use. It’s ready to go right from the start. With this in mind, it is already apparent that there will be tremendous cost savings with the implementation of a pure-play AI solution in any business. No matter if the solution is customer-facing or a self-service tool for your employees, pure-play AI solutions will simultaneously provide fast and accurate resolutions and a personalized user experience across the board. No initial training is involved for the AI because with a pure-play AI; it will be fully capable of self-learning by only shadowing agents and using those observations to expand its knowledge.

Any AI system’s main goal is to help users resolve their issues faster and more thoroughly than before. Incorporating pure-play AI as the foundation of a user-centric product delivers an exponential increase in customer and employee satisfaction.

For example, suppose a user creates an IT ticket to request an individual software license. A pure-play AI solution will be able to understand the language in the request, use that context to find relevant information, confirm the expected outcome with the user, and finally assign a software license to the user.

There are quite a few parts to this example, but we would like you to pay close attention to how our pure-play AI can handle the ticket in such a manner. Aisera’s pure-play AI solution automates the necessary processes needed to complete a user’s request without any supervision.

Aisera’s artificial intelligence’s ability to comprehend a user request’s intent and context is rooted firmly in the advanced Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding capabilities. When a user submits a request, Aisera uses historical information to autonomously create cluster-maps of relevant and related words, topics, and intents to group these requests. Depending on the relationship between the current request and similar previous tickets, Aisera then uses that information to arrive at a predicted outcome. It then validates with the user before continuing to the next steps in the process. Another contributing factor to the success of Aisera’s pure-play AI is its unparalleled Natural Language Generation capabilities. When users interact with an Aisera product, it is as if they were speaking directly to a human, even though at this point, there is no need for any human supervision or intervention.

With the future on the horizon, we expect that the 2nd wave of digital transformation will unequivocally alter the application of artificial intelligence in enterprise products. Over the past year, we have seen how crucial it is to design your business for maximum agility in the face of almost certain ambiguity. It is only natural to expect that businesses invest heavily in dynamic and completely autonomous solutions. A pure-play AI solution is the fastest and most cost-effective way to future-proof your business processes against the tides of uncertainty in the days to come. Reach out to learn more about the benefits the suite of Aisera products has to offer and how each one can help your business move into the new era of AI-powered workflows with pure-play Artificial Intelligence for IT, HR, Sales, Operations, and Customer Service.