Supporting Remote Employees at Scale

Supporting Remote Employees at Scale

Sustaining productivity, morale, efficiency, and revenue are top-of-mind for enterprises in today’s COVID-19 environment. Demands on the IT service desk include the challenge of licensing costs, the need to handle more common processes and tasks, enabling higher levels of employee self-service, and speeding issue resolution.

AI-enabled employee self-service can auto-resolve the majority of repetitive requests, freeing the IT team to focus on business-critical issues. Aisera enables automation of repetitive IT tasks, actions, and workflows while allowing workers to auto-resolve their issues using conversational AI and conversational RPA—uniting people without physical contact. Aisera also leverages the power of AI with existing ticketing systems to bring users and services together, despite social distancing, for vital business continuity. Remote workers get the streamlined support they need to stay productive.

With global work environments shifting, the need for scalability and automation is urgent to handle the influx of employee requests for IT support—and to offer user satisfaction in an anxious time. Thanks to the cloud and AI, businesses now have cost-saving options that fit the remote worker landscape.

  • No additional capital resources are needed to handle employee support requests from remote workers.
  • Companies can leverage out-of-the-box AI solutions to accelerate IT service delivery in real-time, using their existing service desks
  • Conversational AI and RPA can improve employee and customer experience at scale to ensure 24×7 business continuity and support

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