Rise of AI Chatbot

Rise of AI Chatbot

Ninety percent of chatbot projects failed in 2019—yet 100 percent of customers are optimistic about their benefits and are willing to deploy them again in 2020.

In this session, we cover the key reasons for the failure of chatbot projects, such as offering robotic and scripted experiences with the lack of AI capabilities which leads to long time-to-value. With the emergence of true Virtual Assistants and Conversational AI, companies can now take advantage of cutting-edge AI solutions that are far more accessible and can deliver tangible business results from Day One.

Key Takeaways for Evolution from Chatbots to Virtual Assistants

  • Deliver a personalized, user-relevant conversational experience
  • Seamlessly integrate with ticketing, knowledge, and IAM systems
  • Use cutting-edge AI to build successful service desk chatbots

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