How to Modernize Your Service Desk with AI

How to Modernize Your Help Desk with AI

Today employees and customers interact with AI and automation in their daily lives that are so seamless they don’t even realize it’s there. Yet when they have questions or need service desk help, they are forced to use web forms and technologies that haven’t evolved in three decades. Typical service desk tasks and actions are too slow, too manual, too outdated, and too expensive to continue as is. 

What users want is a 24×7, instant, and personal support experience. This virtual event covers real use case examples of how enterprises are leveraging AI for service desks to deliver end-to-end exceptional service experience to users.

Key Takeaways for Modernizing Service Desks: 

  1. You don’t need volume data, long training times or additional staff.
  2. Conversational AI and RPA enables minimal time and cost to train AI models.
  3. AI doesn’t have to be scripted or rule-based, new AI/ML are continuously learning in real-time.

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