Conversational RPA Deliver Value to Organizations

Conversational RPA Deliver Value to Organizations

Automation is becoming a critical priority as companies face economic and health challenges. The need to future-proof, scale, and transform the digital experience across remote employees and customers is top of mind for IT due to the rising support requests and inquiries caused by this pandemic. Enterprises know that users want a natural human Alexa-like interface for RPA and this is where AI-Driven RPA is born to provide rescue.

This on-demand webinar highlights how AI-Driven RPA will address current business continuity challenges. By integrating with existing environments and leveraging RPA, businesses can deliver consumer-like experiences to users and increase value to customers.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Who can leverage AI-Driven RPA
  2. How does this work with your existing environment?
  3. What benefits can be achieved by integrating AI and RPA?
  4. What pitfalls should you avoid and not do?

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