Gartner AI Survey: Top Motivators Driving AI Adoption

Investment in AI is moving forward. Organizations are moving fast to generate and implement AI projects to improve business processes. These organizations are highly motivated and actively seek a strong ROI for their projects. This Gartner AI survey reveals answers that organizations need to keep an eye on.

Gartner AI Survey AI Customer Experience

“Gartner reports that $1.9 trillion worth of benefits will be generated by AI projects implemented by organizations in 2019 and $2.6 trillion in 2020.” 

AI projects are promising and lucrative, but they have to be backed by a strong and well-thought-out implementation strategy.

According to a recent Gartner AI survey, AI adoption’s two key areas for organizations are task automation and customer experience (CX). CX was distinguished as the most important AI tech to invest in by forty percent of organizations. Not only do these AI solutions cover the support of external processes, but many businesses implement AI solutions to support their internal processes. The implementation and use of these AI projects effectively generates a reduction in time spent responding to customers as well as a generation of personalized messages. Although AI is revolutionary for organizations, certain obstacles cause hesitance to adopt AI. 

One of the three largest obstacles for organizations is that they lack the available skills for implementing AI. Purchasing prepackaged solutions for AI, developing local AI skills, using organizational skill-building opportunities for employees, or using local programs to keep employees up-to-date with the necessary skills are all options that managers can take the successfully overcome this problem.

Other obstacles such as not understanding the use cases available for AI and misunderstanding the phenomenal value brought in by AI are preventing organizations from fully adopting AI solutions in their environment. 

Not only do organizations have to decide how and where to implement AI, but they have to decide on who they want to purchase the AI solutions from. 

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