Will Cloud services transform the IT industry?

Will Cloud Services Transform The IT Industry?

The world has seen Cloud Computing evolve and develop continually over time. We are currently seeing it change and transform different industries. IT Cloud services are making amazing strides in the IT industry.

Cloud providers have been providing IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), but it is now shifting to a new perspective. Cloud providers are moving from providing infrastructure to providing solutions as a service (SaaS). What does this mean?

Infrastructure-as-a-Service: Cloud providers host components of infrastructure such as servers, network hardware, and storage.

Solutions-as-a-service: Providers host their software available to customers to use over the internet. It is a network-based application that is specifically meant to be distributed for SaaS use.

This shift from IaaS to SaaS simply means that consumers, instead of purchasing time on the networking infrastructure, are purchasing a specific function itself. This shift in the market is a big deal; the impact it has on ITSM and the IT industry is revolutionary.

In addition to the shift, cloud providers are also beginning to offer AI functions and abilities in both their IaaS and SaaS services. What are the implications of this?

Applications built with native AI and machine learning will serve to improve the customer experience as well as encourage the development of new business models. AI and machine learning solutions in Cloud Computing platforms and software mean a large cut in expenses for businesses who normally would have to hire data scientists or consultants. This is a huge change for both the IT industry and for CIOs.

This white paper discusses a conversation with Muddu Sudhakar, AISERA CEO, an IT thought leader and visionary. Muddu discusses how far the cloud revolution has evolved, and how enterprise cloud services are transforming the IT industry.