What and Why AIOps?

What and Why AIOps?

AIOps plays an important role in any enterprise. Today’s enterprises are embracing a deep and drastic modernization to deliver to their customers 100% business uptime while being nimble, simple, and agile from an operational standpoint.

While microservice architectures, hyper-automation, and cloud are the de-facto agreed technologies driving this massive transformation, their impact on ITOps, DevOps, and CloudOps cannot be neglected.

A software glitch in a microservice functional component propagates fast and impacts many business services at the same time. Data center-Cloud borderless infrastructure increases the surface of failures and prolongs the time to detect, triage, and remediate the problem.

Despite the efforts invested in infrastructure robustness, many operations teams continue to deal with database and storage, network, compute, application and service downtime incidents that last from just a few minutes to several days. These can completely incapacitate the business and cause tremendous financial loss.

Make sure that your business is prepared to handle all of the operational issues and situations that may come from scaling your organization. AIOps is a key component of the overall success of your organization. Driving operational agility and efficiency is to be expected from an AIOps solution that enable cross-team collaboration with end-to-end automation.

In this white paper, we introduce AIOps and walk through what and how AIOps addresses today’s operational pain points by bringing together the benefits of AI/ML, predictive intelligence, collaboration, and automation in a turnkey-ready solution.