The future of customer-driven IT support

The future of customer-driven IT support

From IT help desks to customer experience and experience level agreements (XLAs), the shifting role of future IT support was the hot topic at HDI’s service and support conference, where over 2,300 service desk analysts and other support professionals considered critical challenges, as reported by Charles Araujo, Advisor, Contributor, CIO.

The service and support industry is encountering powerful dual forces that will shape its future:

  • Automation
  • The customer experience


Successfully making the key transition to automation while ensuring exceptional customer satisfaction demands that IT support organizations reshape their identity.

The big message is that as new technologies evolve and improve, the very nature of support will evolve into a customer-driven reorientation. Delivering a superior customer experience is a primary driver of competitive differentiation—giving rise to the experience level agreement, or XLA. That’s because SLAs may be met, but customers are still not happy. The move to XLAs will have service desks supporting both internal and external customers reports Charles Araujo.

Named for AI Services Era, Aisera is applying Artificial Intelligence to ITSM to create what they term AISM—or AI Service Management. Providing the ability to augment service desk agents and IT support staff, as well as create the Autonomous Service Desk, this technology will usher in the next generation of ITSM.

Learn how Aisera’s AISM is helping reshape the customer experience and future IT support and service desks. 

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