Three Technologies CIOs Can Leverage For Exceptional Brand Experience

What technologies differentiate an exceptional brand experience?

Today’s empowered customers expect and demand easy, effective and fast experiences from brands: 42% of consumers would be willing to pay more for a friendly, welcoming experience, while 52% would pay more for a speedy, efficient experience**. CIOs and their IT organizations now play a critical role in making their enterprises customer-obsessed. That means leveraging AI Customer Experience technologies to create new customer value and increase operational agility by advancing traditional chatbots and RPA technologies. This evolution calls for:  

  1. Hosted Cloud Infrastructure to Native
    Flexible, modern cloud architectures built on containerized micro-services will be able to provision machine learning faster than legacy-hosted cloud infrastructure, providing flexibility and agility in this new age of IT.
  2. Chatbots to Conversational AI
    Conversational interfaces are becoming the new definition of self-service and personalized experience. Watch for chatbots moving from manual, rule-based systems to decision-making systems that are evolving with each interaction. Expect tools that are easy to use and maintain and are built without admin intervention.
  3. RPA to Autonomics
    RPA was traditionally used to automate specific business processes. Now, autonomics are being designed specifically for IT-related functions and processes in server, network and application management, database administration, virtual machine provisioning and diagnostics. These systems can learn new capabilities and reduce employee hours required to answer repetitive requests.

Disruptive new technologies will give CIOs game-changing ability to create compelling experiences and generate substantial operational gains. Read how Aisera’s four A’s: AI, analytics, automation, and agent intelligence will help your organization deliver exceptional customer experience


** Source PWC: Consumers Say They Will Pay More For A Better Experience