A Technical Deep Dive Into AI Service Desk

A Technical Deep Dive Into AI Service Desk

Employees look towards their enterprise’s Service Desks to resolve technical problems in their daily workflows. Today’s employees demand 24/7 and personalized service to help streamline their processes. Organizations are implementing an AI Service Desk or AI Helpdesk that empowers users with the self-resolving requests that allow workers to stay productive and unimpeded by technical difficulties.

AI Service Desks are able to drive business growth and enhance employee efficiency through self-service and automated resolutions. The AI Helpdesk is a pivotal area for the core operations of these organizations, especially with the growing rate of employees who work remotely. In this environment, it is key for organizations to have a deep technical understanding of the technology.

AI solutions provide significant technological advantages to the organizational structure and functioning of organizations. Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic among organizations. Using AI solutions to improve their helpdesks are key features that drive efficiency, cost-savings, and productivity for their core work functions. Cost-saving is a key component when considering the implementation of big technological solutions such as AI. How is your organization strengthening its work environment?

Ensure that your organization can implement an AI Helpdesk to its max potential. Read this white paper for a technical deep dive into the AI Service Desk.

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Why AI Service Desk

Aisera’s AI Service Desk auto-resolves user support requests using Conversational AI, Conversational RPA and TicketIQ. Aisera continuously learns from ongoing and past conversations, requests, tickets, knowledge, and agent feedback to completely automat the resolution of service issues.  AI Service Desk integrates with existing systems in ITSM, HR, Facilities, Sales, Customer Service, and Operations with a single, scalable automation interface. Aisera’s personalized omnichannel service experience dramatically accelerates diagnosis and resolution times, drives greater self-service resolutions, and reduces service desk costs.

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