Does AI Automation Benefit The Help Desk?

Does AI Automation Benefit The Help Desk?

Today’s IT service management (ITSM) industry encompasses an IT help desk that handles issues for internal employees, supported by a ticketing system to track problem submission and resolution. But these ITSM systems are reactive, involve multiple people, and offer little to no self-service. That’s why they are ripe for automation—using AI, analytics, automation, and service agent intelligence. It is time to implement forms of automation into ITSM systems.

CIOs list three main functions that their team doesn’t address optimally when looking at ITSM systems:  

  1. Resolve tickets. Whether call center, IT help desk, or customer service desk, teams resolve tickets manually, which is time- and cost-inefficient.
  2. Communicate with users. Frustrated users don’t get the right information, talk to too many agents, and receive inconsistent information; many would prefer self-service.
  3. Predict issues: People want and need knowledge in advance to predict outages and resolve issues without serious downtime.

In other words,
CIOs want ITSM systems and IT help desk ticketing systems that enable operations to be proactive, predictive, prescriptive and personalized. Read this white paper to find out more about these challenges and how those P’s are addressed by AISERA’s four A’s: AI, analytics, automation, and agent intelligence.

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