Find Out How AIOps Reshapes Business Focus

Find Out How AIOps Reshapes Business Focus

In a recent HMG Strategy interview, Hunter Muller, Mike Barlow, and Tom Hoffman describe how transformational technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, AIOps, and blockchain have already begun reshaping the business and creating new customer-focused services in IT Operations, DevOps, and Cloud Operations.

Explore this provocative interview with thought leader Muddu Sudhakar, conducted by the technology pundits of HMG Strategy in their Executive Leadership series.  

Transformational technologies like AI and machine learning are reshaping customer-focused services. Industry headlines point to AI’s disruption of Cloud IT operations (ITOPs) and IT Service Management (ITSM)—continuously spurring them toward greater intelligence, automation, and productivity. 

AIOps employs artificial intelligence to automate and enhance IT operations through machine learning and analytics. This ongoing revolution enables IT teams to identify and respond to operational issues in real time. In this article, Muddu further breaks out the tremendous impact and benefit of AIOps advances in the 3 P’s: 

  • Proactive—gauging the health of enterprise IT operations, including dynamic cloud functions that can monitor, detect, and prevent outages
  • Predictive—enabling IT teams to anticipate Cloud/IT Ops issues without human intervention and before they even occur, as in finding server capacity problems.  
  • Prescriptive—helping IT organizations identify and implement the most effective solutions to Cloud/IT Ops challenges when they arise 

Muddu sees that the advent of serverless architectures and microservices-based applications is sending old IT methods and processes into obsolescence. Read why AIOps is vital—not just for IT optimization but to ensure the integrity, stability and transparency of Cloud and IT operations themselves. Extended to service management, performance management, and automation, AIOps can revolutionize Cloud and IT operations across infrastructure systems, storage, networks, and services/applications. 

See why it is critical that CIOs use these new technologies to help disrupt and transform the business to create models that deliver increased value to the enterprise.

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