Rejuvenate Customer Experience With AI

Can AI Deliver An Exceptional CX?

Pressures are increasing steadily on CIOs to help their organizations improve the all-important customer experience. This white paper explains how CIOs can work with AI Customer Service solutions that support customer-facing functions, i.e., sales, marketing, customer support, etc. to invest in and implement AI and to digitally transform. 

Here, CIOs are uniquely positioned to act on improving user experience and customer satisfaction while minimizing disruptions and outages. In fact, 65 percent of “digital vanguard” CIOs report strong relationships with customer-facing business functions (Deloitte, 2018 Global CIO Survey). 

Read crucial insights on why transforming the customer experience (CX) is vital to user engagement, user retention, user base/community growth, increased user adoption and innovation of AI Customer Service platforms. An AI-enabled CX organization promises: 

  • Seamless user experiences that increase overall customer satisfaction 
  • Fast resolution of customer issues and self-service capabilities 
  • Drastic reduction in outages and improved business uptime 
  • Significant reduction in mean-time-to-repair during outages  


The exceptional CX that CIOs want and need are only available by automating repetitive, programmatic tasks, so that customer service teams can channel their energy, experience, and creativity into actions of greater value to the organization. 

Now a new platform raises productivity among users and service agents; streamlines request-response and tickets/incident resolution; automates workflows and actions, and reduces costs. These key achievements are now well within reach thanks to AI in ITSM (AISM); AIOps for Cloud/IT/DevOps and other advances.