AI-Driven ESM Removes Agent Intervention

AI-Driven ESM Removes Agent Intervention

Today, when several aspects of human activities have been automated such as driverless cars, grocery store check-outs, and self-serve eateries, other aspects that have not been fully automated begin to stand out. The IT service desk is one of those aspects that need to be fully automated.

In a society where excellent customer experience is a necessity, people have asked why service management has not yet been fully automated. Today, consumers have a high expectation for easy, effective, and fast experiences from businesses. The same thing goes for employees; there is a growing demand for these kinds of services by employees in the workplace. They want their IT service desk experiences to be personalized, proactive, and prescriptive.

Business users demand efficient and effective solutions in real-time, and they expect the problems to be solved then and there. With these high demands and expectations, companies are searching to adopt solutions that can satisfy their employees.

This white paper highlights the solutions that CIOs turn to, in a time where digital transformation is key to the overall success of organizations. IT help is an important aspect of businesses that needs attention. Artificial intelligence and machine-learning-driven solutions will reshape enterprise service management by moving the emphasis from augmenting the agent to empowering the end-user experience.

Service Management will be redefined:

  • At the point of entry – interacting directly with the user
  • Automating backend entities to strengthen the system
  • Generating solutions to minimize human intervention