Neural Search

Unlock Precision, Personalization and Tailored Search Results

Neural Search Powered by Generative AI

Aisera’s Neural Search revolutionizes enterprise-wide information retrieval with relevance ranking, intent, and query understanding in natural language. It creates a knowledge graph – understanding people, content, and interactions. The system allows users to perform searches using natural language and generates personalized, accurate results based on user preferences while ensuring the organization’s security and privacy are maintained.

Generative AI powered neural search

Leverage Generative AI for enterprise-search

Understand complex requests and dynamically generate answers and summaries from all repositories in real-time utilizing RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation)

Get accurate and up-to-date results each time & every time

Unlock the power of unsupervised AI that continuously learns from your organization’s data for accurate search results, suggestions, and recommendations – no fine-tuning required

Search for information across all repositories

Search for information across all repositories

Find relevant, similar and contextual information with federated search across all repositories and business apps – databases, conversations, tickets, knowledge bases, and answer logs

Enable Personalized Search

Personalize your search results with an up-to-date knowledge graph, presenting highly relevant information based on individual interactions, location, profile, known preferences, behavior and search history

Personalized neural search platform

Provide Permission-aware Responses through Entitlement Search

Deliver tailored answers while maintaining alignment with user permissions – results are secure, private, and permissions-aware, ensuring strict adherence to privacy and security protocols.

Provide Permission-aware Responses

Access to 500+ Prebuilt Integrations

Instantly connect to backend systems, leverage existing knowledge sources, and search across all platforms and content types for a seamless user experience.

Access to 500+ Prebuilt Integrations

Supercharge Productivity with Response Summarization

Generate contextual responses and summaries in real-time by extracting and analyzing information from all data sources and business apps, to minimize disruptions for employees while also providing links for additional details.

Supercharge Productivity

Autocomplete Search Suggestions

Provide predictive search query suggestions that allow users to search faster without the need to manually type every character.