Conversational Search

Experience rapid and accurate AI-powered search, delivering relevant results at scale

Contextual and Targeted Search Experience

Aisera’s Conversational Search assistant allows users to search for information using natural language through conversations with a virtual assistant or a traditional search bar. It uses cognitive search models and advanced natural language processing (NLP) and understanding (NLU) technologies to understand the context and meaning of the user’s request and provide comprehensive and accurate search results. The user can interact with the system through an artificial intelligence chatbot interface that can have complex and human-like conversations.

Conversational Search
Reducing implementation time

Reduce implementation time

Onboard customers quickly – no explicit training or curation required

Search accuracy

Improve search accuracy

Detect intent and context of queries to return accurate and relevant search results

User experience improvement

Enhance user experience

Improve search functionality and user experience with NLP, NLU, and NLG for more human-like interactions

Autocomplete Search Suggestions

Provide predictive search query suggestions that allow users to search faster without the need to manually type every character

Autocomplete search suggestions

Personalized Search Experience

Provide search results based on user profile (example: location), known preference, and search history for a customized user experience

Search experience personalization

Semantic Search Using Large Language Models (LLMs)

Provide precise and accurate search results by leveraging the latest generation of natural language models called Large Language Models (LLMs) for an enhanced search experience

Large language model search

Realtime Reinforcement AI Learning

Utilize AI to continuously learn from past activities, interactions, and feedback to improve the accuracy of predictions and recommendations

Escalate to a Live Agent

Initiate a conversation with a bot or escalate to an agent for further assistance or in case of an unsatisfactory response

Access to 400+ Prebuilt Integrations

Connect instantly to your backend systems and leverage existing knowledge sources and content for a seamless experience

Prebuilt AI integrations