Former Federal CIO: Artificial Intelligence Will Change the World

Check out this NextGov article that explores how applying the technology to raw data sets may help transform government IT projects.

A decade after serving as the nation’s first chief information officer, Vivek Kundra urges agencies to recognize that artificial intelligence is the world’s next most transformative innovation.

“The breakthrough over the next 10 years—and I know it sounds like a buzzword—but it’s artificial intelligence,” Kundra said at the Cloud Security Alliance Federal Summit in Washington Tuesday. “We are all talking about AI and how it will change the world, and it will. And it already is.”

Kundra noted that the nation’s top AI scientists, working under the realms of both machine learning and data science, obtain salaries that can reach over a million dollars and the demand is only growing.

“The reason is that there is so much scarcity in the market and everyone is trying to figure that out,” he said.

During his time serving in multiple positions across the political landscape, Kundra noticed that local, state and federal governments were, “as they should be,” fixated on how to serve citizens more effectively, faster and in more predictive ways. He believes AI offers new building blocks that, when applied to raw publicly available data, will help America’s governments achieve that goal like never before.

Kundra mentioned, for example, how applying the nascent tech to health clinic data could help predict the performance of physicians and outcomes of the clinic. He also said applying artificial intelligence to the government’s many raw data sets could help feds reach stronger implementation around various IT projects.

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