Conversational RPA Synergizes the Power of RPA and AI

Robotic process automation (RPA) technology is transforming how businesses operate. Today, RPA software can work with business systems and applications to simplify processes and reduce the administrative burden on employees. Yet, despite its revolutionary potential, RPA has been confined so far to back-office processes. That means it has been missing the opportunity to deliver on the all-important customer experience.

The use of traditional RPA can be somewhat archaic and rigid in structure. Traditional RPA typically consists of a type of rule-based “screen scraping” that tends to be outdated and not as modern as Conversational RPA. Conversational RPA is an innovative solution to enhance customer service and take RPA to the next level. Using cutting edge technologies such as NLP and NLU, Conversational RPA is able to drive greater results and push the limits of innovation. Conversational RPA merges with Conversational AI to create a new wave of productivity.

Conversational RPA brings productivity and efficiency to the workplace by streamlining and speeding up core business processes. Businesses that implement Conversational RPA find significant ROI in their everyday operations.

This Forbes article focuses on the full potential of Conversational RPA and how businesses can leverage the power of it to drastically improve organizational workflows.

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