CIO Review: Redefining Employee and Customer Experience

Having an exceptional customer service is the key to pushing ahead of the competition. In the center of it all, artificial intelligence (AI) is driving success in organizations through supporting the automation of IT, HR, and customer service processes. The highly competitive global market requires that businesses stay up-to-date with the best tech to stay on top. AI is a technology that many organizations need to focus on. This CIO Review interview with Muddu Sudhakar discusses how AI is able to support core functions of organizations.

More and more organizations are opting for AI solutions to improve the efficiency and productivity of their work environments. It is becoming increasingly important to do so.

How is Aisera redefining employee and customer experiences?

Organizations that employ Aisera’s AI-driven solution are able to manage workflow actions to streamline internal processes. Aisera’s AI empowers users and agents by taking on repetitive tasks and allowing agents to take on more meaningful and productive tasks.