Revolutionizing Customer Support with Aisera’s AI Copilot

Customer Support Agents are the backbone of support organizations, yet they often find themselves bogged down by low-level, repetitive tasks, leading to dissatisfaction and high turnover.

New agents require extensive training, and even seasoned ones spend countless hours searching through knowledge bases, historical support tickets, and public web resources.

Aisera’s AI Copilot transforms the support landscape, allowing agents to focus on more strategic and higher-value initiatives while improving their productivity and delivering superior customer experiences. Aisera’s Agent Copilot is embedded into an organization’s System of Record adjacent to the support ticket allowing agents to seamlessly interact with Copilot throughout their normal workflow.

Benefits and Use Cases of AI Copilot for Support Agents

The numerous capabilities of Aisera’s Copilot for Agents not only enhance agent efficiency but also elevate the skill set of the entire support organization, concurrently leading to cost reduction. By seamlessly managing a higher volume of support tickets with AI assistants, agents can navigate tasks more effectively and deliver superior support services.

Boosting Productivity through Agent Copilot’s Capabilities

Ticket Triage and Routing: Aisera’s AI Copilot takes the guesswork out of ticket triage and categorization, prioritization, and routing. By automating these processes, agents can focus on what matters most – solving complex issues that require human interaction. This not only saves time but also ensures that each ticket is directed to the right subject matter expert without the need for subjective decision-making.

Case Summaries: Lengthy case descriptions with noise and irrelevant details can hinder agents’ understanding of customer issues. The AI Copilot provides succinct case summaries, offering insights into the core issue and the customer’s sentiment. Documenting resolution notes is time-consuming. The Copilot automates this process, providing a comprehensive summary at the end of each case. This feature alone saves agents hours of effort, making their workflow more seamless and productive.

Aisera Answer: Utilizing RAG, Aisera Answer delivers natural language responses by searching through various sources such as the organization’s internal knowledge base, approved public articles, similar ticket resolution notes, Slack and Teams conversations, and live agent chat transcripts in real time to effectively address customer inquiries. This not only eliminates the need for agents to sift through knowledge articles and historical tickets but also enables them to personalize responses, ensuring a high-quality customer experience.

Conversational Assistant: The Copilot includes a conversational assistant, empowering agents to kick off action workflows, seek help in drafting responses, or gather additional details for a more accurate answer. This enhances agent capabilities and efficiency in handling customer inquiries.

Advanced Analytics for Informed Decision-Making

Aisera’s AI Copilot doesn’t just enhance virtual agent performance; it also provides advanced analytics to gain insights into agent usage, response feedback, and article performance. By tracking customer service metrics like Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR), organizations can evaluate the effectiveness of the Copilot in resolving tickets, making informed decisions on improvements, and identifying areas for knowledge enhancement.

Elevating Customer Experience with Aisera's AI Copilot

In addition to the significant gains in productivity, Aisera’s AI Copilot for Agents plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall customer experience. With the Copilot at their side, agents can deliver consistently high-quality responses, ensuring a uniform and professional interaction with every customer. The accelerated turnaround time facilitated by Copilot’s streamlined workflows means that customers receive prompt resolutions to their issues, contributing to heightened satisfaction.

Furthermore, the ability of the Copilot to eliminate the need for agents to sift through extensive knowledge bases results in more personalized interactions. Agents can now devote more time to understanding customer needs and tailoring their responses, fostering a more personalized and customer-centric support experience.

Building Trust in AI Technology

For companies hesitant to introduce AI directly to their customer base, Aisera’s Copilot for agents serves as a trust-building tool. Subject matter experts can review results before sending them to customers, ensuring quality and accuracy. This phased approach allows organizations to gradually build confidence in AI technology.


In conclusion, Aisera’s AI Copilot empowers customer support agents to focus on what they do best – building relationships, solving complex problems, and delivering high-value support experiences. By streamlining workflows, providing actionable insights, and enhancing customer interactions, Copilot emerges as a game-changer in the realm of customer support. Book a free AI demo to explore Aisera’s AI Copilot for Enterprise.

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