AWS Partner Solution Brief

Aisera and AWS Solution Brief

Aisera leverages the power of AWS to deliver a cloud-native AI Service Management solution to automate tasks, actions and workflows for IT, HR, Facilities, and Customer Service. With Aisera’s AI Service Desk, organizations can provide a personalized and proactive experience for users with task and action automation.

The Aisera and AWS solution is cloud-native for enterprise hybrid and multi-cloud environments and integrates with existing service desk solutions to deliver an end-to-end AI Service Experience for employees and customers.

Businesses achieve faster MTTR, unprecedented customer and employee satisfaction, reduced time and cost savings, and trained professionals now free to focus on higher-value work.  Read the solution brief and find out how Aisera and AWS is disrupting and transforming service-oriented teams and opening new ways to raise performance and productivity, while delivering exceptional employee and customer experiences.

Aisera and AWS