Relief Response for 24/7 Automated Service

Aisera’s Virtual Assistant and Collaboration app is free for 60 days to help healthcare organizations, agencies and businesses provide autonomous customer service during a time of need through this global pandemic. The Aisera Virtual Assistant will help hospitals and government agencies deliver COVID-19 related responses to the high volume of questions, concerns, and inquiries caused by this pandemic.

Aisera Virtual Assistant and Collaboration App provides:

  • Users self-service support on COVID-19 for Healthcare and Govt. Agencies
  • Up-to-date COVID-19 content from the top official sites (CDC, etc.)
  • AI-driven automation of Govt. Agencies’ customer support-related tasks, actions, and information
  • 24×7 service across all channels (chat, email, and web) to resolve requests that scales to support all remote workers

Sign up now to see Aisera autonomously deliver COVID-19 related responses to high volumes of questions, concerns, and inquiries, enabling healthcare workers and government agencies to focus on urgent cases.

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