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Among the technology, trends shaping 2019 and beyond, the adaptation of artificial intelligence (AI) to shape and propel the Customer Experience (CX) is among the most momentous. AI technologies, including machine learning (ML), natural-language understanding, and natural-language processing are proving transformative in acquiring, analyzing, and responding to customer feelings and feedback. In my experience, the scalability, speed, and accuracy of AI are outperforming expectations and illuminating a forward path to even greater progress.

Companies are implementing AI solutions to drastically cut costs and drive greater experience. AI is able to automate inbound requests and tasks to free up the time of service agents. This is essential for business operations to save on critical costs in the core functions.

AI brings productivity and efficiency to the service desk to bring cost-cutting and operational gains to the table. One key metric used to evaluate the effectiveness of AI solutions is mean-time-to-resolution, or MTTR. Businesses that implement AI solutions are able to resolve problems and tickets at a much faster rate, drastically reducing their MTTR. Not only is an AI-driven service desk speedy, but it is also personalized. AI is able to adapt to the user to provide a customized and personable interaction that enhances the customer experience. AI Customer Experience is an insurmountable innovation for the workplace and fosters strong business growth and ROI.

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