AI and ML Revolutionizes Customer Experience

The latest consumer trends have all pointed to customer experience as a key factor for success in businesses. As the world is becoming more and more digitized, consumer trends, especially customer experience, are becoming increasingly crucial. With technological advancements, Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a large role in improving efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness in the workplace. AI solutions are being implemented into countless areas of businesses and everyday lives alike. That’s where AI customer experience jumps in.

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AI solutions are always being developed to meet current and future demands. AI for a better customer experience showcases phenomenal benefits to organizations and users. Businesses are able to utilize AI technologies to boost service experience operations and processes to generate better experiences for customers while continuing to cut costs and raise productivity.

In this article, Muddu Sudhakar explains the role of AI and ML in enterprises. “Tellingly, Gartner predicts that by 2023, customers will prefer to use speech interfaces to initiate 70% of self-service customer interactions, rising from 40% today,” says Sudhakar, “There’s little question that AI and ML will play a pivotal role in improving customer experience and how businesses are digitally transforming.” With increasing global digitization, there will be an increasing demand for AI-related solutions for consumer trends. It is important that businesses learn to meet the needs of consumers on a global level.

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